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Photo is for demonstration only. All ingredients are subject to change and are based on what is available.

 After foraging for some of NYC's most celebrated restaurants and chefs, we're bringing our goods to you.


Our Wild Box is a curated box of our favorite ingredients from the wondrous Hudson Valley. Your box will overflow with things like an edible flower bouquet, wild greens, mushrooms, cocktail fixings, edible seaside plants, herbal teas, and unique condiments. Are you asking “what can I cook with that?” Fear not! Each box contains fun suggestions for quick meals, cocktails, as well as projects. 

Why wild? Wild ingredients are here and now, and connect us to places, cuisines and traditions that big agriculture is eroding. Some of these ingredients are even invasive in our area, so you're helping eat them away from the landscape.​

This is not a subscription box or weekly commitment. We’re committed to making our boxes and deliveries as safe as can be. We'll have masks and gloves, but we do need someone to be home for delivery, as some items need to be refrigerated.

Nature is lovely and unpredictable, so ingredients are subject to change. Our previous boxes have included things like:

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